Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation makes complete sense from the moment it bonds to the frame of your home. You can actually see the seal created as liquid foam thoroughly fills every crevice and solidifies into a seamless high performance barrier, special formulated to protect you, your family and your home investment. Yes, foam insulation of this quality costs more, but consider the benefits: higher R-values, increased energy savings over the life of your home, low long-term maintenance costs, effective sound insulation, added structural strength, resistance to mold, pests and pollutants, and even reduced installation and construction waste. With spray polyurethane foam insulation you start smart and stay strong with energy savings of up to 40% over other insulation techniques, allowing you to recoup your initial investment in as little as five years.

Air moves in and out of a home through every hole, crack and seam. Approximately one-third of air infiltrates through ceiling, walls and floor openings. The Department of Energy reports that heating and cooling (space conditioning) account for about 56% of energy used in the typical American home.

Top 10 Reasons for Spray Foam

  • Saves much more money than it costs
  • Protects from disease spread by rodents
  • Environmentally safe and ecologically friendly
  • No moisture
  • No mold growth
  • Reduces energy usage by 40-50%
  • The only insulation that seals and insulates all in one step
  • Contains sound conditioning properties
  • Enables perfect fit to any void left in construction
  • Lifetime product

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